How can I wget a web page when asterisk is done loading?

I am trying to get Alexa to say ‘asterisk is done loading’ so when asterisk has fully loaded it should wget a voice monkey url to Initiate Alexa tts.

I know I can write a shell command into a dial plan but how do I make asterisk complete the dial command or other manner to wget once Startup is complete?

This is all part of a bigger plan

I don’t know if call file processing is started late in the load sequence, or just relies on retries. In any case, there is no specific mechanism to run dialplan late in the load sequence and finished loading is not the same as finished initialising.

You can monitor Asterisk using the AMI and watch for the event FullyBooted

> manager show event FullyBooted
Event: FullyBooted
Raised when all Asterisk initialization procedures have finished.

Event: FullyBooted
Status: <value>
Uptime: <value>
LastReload: <value>

    Informational message
    Seconds since start
    Seconds since last reload

Always assuming your successful attempt to connect to AMI happens before the fully started event.

Also, I’d be surprised if Asterisk waits for outgoing SIP REGISTERs to fail, before raising this event.

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