How can I use Pushover for Vmail notification

I am looking for a way to use Pushover for notifying users of a new voicemail message. Any ideas?

The Voicemail application provides a configuration option[1] in voicemail.conf that allows an external application to be invoked when things occur. You could use this to then do a notification.


Thanks, I have seen that setting. I didn’t make my request clear, sorry about that… I would like to use Pushover notification for a single voicemail box. The scenario is for an emergency mailbox. I would like the same information, along with a URL of where the .wav file is located so the user can get it to listen to it.

What you see in the configuration file is what there is for the voicemail application. You could still use externnotify, just have it not do anything based on the passed in voicemail. As well Asterisk doesn’t have a web UI or a URL for voicemail by default so that would be something external, so you’d have to construct that URL. If you are using a GUI (such as FreePBX) then that functionality would be provided by it instead.

got it thanks for the replies

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