How can I transfer url to softphone using Dial application

Hi there. I know that Dial application can send url to client. But what softphones can actually display it? I’ve tried with Ekiga, X-lite and some other, all of them doesn’t show url address. Maybe there are more intelligent way to send some information in call?

X-Lite, at least, is a loss leader, and can’t be expected to do more than the basics.

Can you recommend some softphone for this?

No. I wouldn’t reccommend soft phones for anything non-trivial, and I’d be surprised if anyone here has tried doing what you are doing. You could have a look at one of the paid for soft phones, like Bria, the full function version of X-Lite, but you will need to read the specification carefully.

Thank you, I’ll try.
I just wondering, if Asterisk can do that (and could do a long time ago) why this simple thing are not supported by many softphones…

The relevant SIP header (Access-URL) seems not to have made it beyond the draft RFC stage. Also many “free” soft phones are loss leaders.


Looking for a SIP client knowing how to handle Access-URL SIP header provided by Dial() or SendURL()

@sloun did you find one ?

Thank you,

I’ve added partial (most common case I think - Access-URL in incoming INVITE) support for this in tSIP 0.1.50, taking this article: as reference.
By default (Settings/Integration) URL is opened on request, using new “Access SIP URL” button type with option to add local and/or global key shortcut. It can be changed to respect “mode” argument in header or force automatic opening.
Note: this is slightly duplicating earlier, client-only “HTTP query” function - opening link with caller ID passed as argument.
Let me know if this works as expected.

Hello @tomeko,

As you mentioned, this Access-URL stuff is kind of duplicating the client-side automation feature, which is finally the less intrusive way of automatically open an URL with the caller ID as an argument.

Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

Intrusiveness to end user is actually identical, user can decide if url would be opened automatically or manually with button or shortcut to button. Access-URL just adds option to make this decision on server side.

As Lua scripting was extended lately there is also another option, using function call like
ShellExecute(“open”, “http://somehost/index.php?ab=cd”, “”, nil, 1) in script(s) assigned to “on call state changed” event (running e.g. on incoming or on accepted call) or button (as below):

local peer = GetCallPeer()
if peer == "" then
local url = "" .. peer
ShellExecute("open", url, "", nil, 1)

This way some custom logic or lookup table can be included.