How can I switch incoming calls on the dongle-extended (Hauwei dongle) to freepbx?

So when I say to asterisk that dongle show devices, it says, "[2022-04-12 18:04:13] NOTICE [26768]: manager.c: 3561 authenticate: failed to authenticate as ‘chan_dongle_extended’ and When I delete the chan-dongle, the asterisk says “failed to authenticate as admin”. And when I reinstall freepbx 15 and call asterisk, it just can’t transfer the call to freepbx because it says, “WARNING [9549] [C-0000000f]: pbx.c: 6796 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP / demo-alice-0000000f’ sent to invalid extension but no disabled handler: context, exten, priority = users, 6001.1”. Can anyone help with this?:pleading_face:

(I followed this description): chan-dongle-extended

This forum doesn’t support FreePBX and chan-dongle-extended is a third party project. The peer support forum for FreePBX is I cannot find any support resources for chan-dongle-extended, but as this is the first I’ve heard of it, I don’t think the one man project visits either forum.

Note that chan_dongle is community supported and seems to receive very little activity. Also, to the extent that dongles are GSM based, GSM is being phased out by the mobile networks.

The FreePBX community may not be too happy with an apparent newbie using other than their DVD based distribution, but it seems that chan-dongle-extended requires Debian, so won’t work on that distribution.

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