How can I pass variable in Dial function

I have below code is running where I dial two numbers together. I need to pass a variable along with each channel which I will be using under ibmobcallrecoring context. Can anyone help me with this.
same =>n,Dial(local/8872674098@ibmobcallrecoring&local/7848527571,20,D(1)@ibmobcallrecoring)

Thanks in advance

Variable inheritance

can you put some more light on this

I just need to pass the agentid along with these 2 phone in ibmobcallrecoring context…So I think I have to carry along with Dial function.If I store in separate variable and then will try to access in other context it may get messed with other phone number

You set the variable with inheritance before you dial out then access the variable in ibmobcallrecoring context

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