How can i install Asterisk 1.8××× on CentOS 7 & 8

Dear Asterisk Community i am try to install asterisk 1.8xxx to CentOS 7 but can’t.
Please Help and send me instructions Hot to install asterisk 1.8xxx to CentOS 7.
Md Sumon

Asterisk 1.8 hasn’t been supported for over 7 years, went end of life long before CentOS 8 was released, and went security fixes only just over 3 months before CentOS 7 was released. I’d therefore say that as well 1.8 not currently being supported, it was almost certainly never supported on CentOS 7 or 8.

There is a version of the Asterisk™: The Future of Telephony book, who describe the steps to install Asterisk 1.8 on CentOS, That one could work with slight modifications on some commands

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