How can I hunt somebody down from within a dial plan? (Zap)

I have TDM400P cards with FXO and FXS modules.

What I’m attempting to do is hunt down a person if they do not answer their extension.

Say my wife calls in, my dialplan reads her callerid and starts a dialplan section that first calls my extension. If I don’t answer the dial plan will then call out to my cellphone. If I do not answer it will call out to the cellphone imbedded in the car. If I still do not answer it will call my Mom and Dad’s house.

I have most of this working but it craps out when I attempt to dial back out with this “Native Bridging” thing.

How would I do that?



You can’t use “native bridging” to do monitored services.

In your application, you’re trying to determine if a call is answered or not. If the Asterisk box isn’t part of the call, it can’t tell if the called party picked up or not.

With “native bridging”, you essentially take the Asterisk box out of the call. The call goes directly between two endpoints and the endpoints have to know what to do with the call if it goes unanswered.

Since Asterisk isn’t a part of the call, it can’t take over and try another endpoint when the call goes unanswered.

OK, so what do I do to make Asterisk part of the call so it can hunt me down for my wife?

She is looking forward to the answer.



You just need to make any devices/endpoints not use native bridging. In the case of things like SIP, you would turn off re-invites.


Each device will be a bit different. You’ll have to look it up differently.

In all cases, you’ll want to use the FollowMe() command. It’s better than building a list of priorities that try device after device. … d+FollowMe