How can i get a small device that can be integrated with asterisk

I am running a car forum which i want drivers to have devices on their cars that can detect car accident or crash and give ivr solutions for drivers to book uber or ooder towing vehicles


Your device “talk” SIP? send a sip message or originate a call.
Your device connects to a web page? open and URL and trigger a local context(AMI, WebSockets).
Can your device send SMS? Use a mobile gateway to fetch SMS and trigger calls.

And so on… until you tell us your actual goal and the things that you can support we can stop shooting in the dark and offer a suggestion.

I want a suitation when an accident occurs the device should trigger a call to a distress agency like emergency team and a towing vehicle. But after little reading, i realized the brainbox of the car is a vital entity for this to work. So i dont know if there can be a device that can talk to the brainbox of the car to initiate this process. It better still you can share with me a better idea.

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The car’s brain box is usually very complex and do lots of complex
calculations and taking complicated decisions , so you should first get the assistence of an expert on this field, You idea is good, but this is task which require time and money and the information you need is beyond simple forum consulation. Anayway I will leave this link hope it can help