How can I create an IP route with channels limited

How can I create a route to make calls with restrictions of the caller IP, and the channels of call, without authentication of user and password.

This route will be used in another PBX server.

I only to provide my IP address to my customer, and want request your IP to me put in my settings to restrict it.

Thank you.

Use peer without host=dynamic, if using chan_sip.

Answers for PJSIP H.323, Skinny, and IAX will differ.

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The WIKI has some great examples.

You’ll want to use GROUP and GROUP_COUNT to restrict how many calls your endpoints can make at a time.

David, thank you.
But with it I should define the password with blank and the name with anything?

May can I use call-limit to solve it

No. The call-limit setting in chan_sip was deprecated. Using GROUP/GROUP_COUNT is the correct technology agnostic way to limit the number of calls an endpoint can make.

Up to you. Depends on whether or not you want to authenticate yourself to the other end.