How can I add multilple caller IDs to an inbound route?


I installed and configured the new version of Trixbox. I have configured the below things:

Outbound route
Inbound route
Ring group

If anybody call to my DID number, my IVR is responded. After that, if he press 1, then Ring group will be activated. All are working fine.

My Problem:

I want to avoid IVR for some phone numbers depends on their called IDs. If my common users will call to my DID number, my ring group will be activated directly without playing IVR. We will do it by adding one by one calledIDs in inbound route and redirect it to ring group. This solution is suitable for 5 or 10 caller IDs. But, I have 200 standard caller IDs. Its difficult to add all these one by one.

Is there any script or any other way to handle to do this at a time?

Thank you.


Sounds like you will need to direct your imcoming calls to a “Custom-App”. The custom context can look up the CallerID in a database and decide what to do. You’re going to need to learn how to use the Asterisk dial plan. … +dial+plan … sk+func+db

The context can then use Goto() to send the call into your Trixbox-configured IVR or straight to the ring group.