How can asterisk identify user online or offline

am new to asterisk, asterisk need to check every 10s user is online or offline

Which channel technology are you using? Even with SIP, 10s is rather a frequent check, because the mechanism used to refresh the status can take some time if packets get lost and retransmissions are necessary.

Analogue lines cannot detect this except by the failure of the user to answer an actual call.

thanks for replay

am using sip, when user got some network issue to want offline, in asterisk will know after 1mints, that my asterisk will need to know early.

Change the qualify interval, but, qualify uses the standard retransmission policy, so it will take several seconds for it to become certain that it isn’t going to get a response.

There is no way of getting an instant detection of loss of network connectivity. If you want instant detection of a device going offline, it will have to be a dynamic host, and it will have to unregister itself, whilst the network is still up.

will set qualify=100 in sip.conf, little problem faced on call accepting.

is there any way like when we send message or call validate user is online or offline, if user online alone will send message else message in queue.

qualify frequency, not qualify.

You can validate with an actual call, but the phone will ring.

qualify cause a SIP request to be sent to the device.

in sip.conf

can able to monitor users every 10 seconds, but call always ringing even remote user accept call.
how i can solve this .

the usual config in most of asterisk systems is:


but not qualify=100, so try to make it like this below and see if results with any positive change :


Thanks, it’s working fine.