How can a user himself activate/deactivate his voicemail?

is it possible that a user can activate/deactivate his voicemail by special dial code?
For example:
User dials 1001 to activate and 1002 to deactivate his voicemail.

What do I need to configure?

Many thanks, Bernd

Hi Not tried it but I see no reason why not. You have various options. one is to change the no answer destination to a variable stored in the DB that they set or unset. Or just have a defined coded that sets callfwd no answer to VM or another number.


Yes, one way of achieving this is with a fairly complex dial plan which looks up a database value and if true it dials with a timeout and goes to voicemail or goes to voicemail when busy and if false rings indefinatly or just signals engaged when busy.

You would need to configure exten 1001 and 1002 to update this database entry with true or false and decide which behavior should be default. Error tolerance should be carefully thought through so that problems don’t occur when a user has never dialled 1001 or 1002 to set this value.

Good luck!


You could deactivate it from people leaving a voicemail in the box by doing some dialplan work. Set a variable and then check it to see what its set to. If you want to remove the mailbox thats a different story.

Thank you very much for the replies. I have done it by setting some variable in the astDB and works fine for me.