Hot line implementation

I am using asterisk 1.4 and AASTRA 480i hard phone. is it possible to implement hotline concept here. like when a client hard phone press, dial it will automatically dial a fixed number?

If your talking about thru phone if user dial or press any key it can dail resp. fixed number . then i think its just like speed dail which is may include in any ip phones, you need to just set that thru phone. Also it is possible from Asterisk. check the phone settings. use=ing this speed dial option you can achive what you want


Thanks for the reply. Yes i am kind of looking for speed dial. can you please explain in little more details as i am quit new with asterisk.

oh, why not try Jin301, it support hot line.


If its speed dials the I have some code here to do it … speeddials

Hope it helps Ian

first check ur Astra phone have its own speed dail fuction or not . if yes then set on the phone with considering ur Asterisk dial plan. if ur phone not support such function then use dial plan logic for pery key basis speed dial logic.
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Not 100% sure the 480 supports imported directories same as the 5xi do but you can import a list can call from the phone internal directory.


Dear Amit,
Phone set doesnt support speed dial. can you provide any tutorial to config speed dial


The 480 does support speed dialing, it can either be done with the softkeys or using the directory and users would have to look up the name


Thanks IAN. i got the option