Hot Desking

I want to make sure that when a user comes in, he can insert a pin code and all his calls gets routed to where he sits for today. If he comes in tommorow and sits at a different desk, he must once again login, and he’s calls get routed to that phone.

I was wondeirng if someone could help me out with this ? Maybe an example on how to do it ?

two ways come to mind.

There are a few followme scripts floating around the community (try that will work, they use the asterisk database function to store the user’s current location. It’s a bunch of extension.conf scripts.

Second, you can use agents. Add an entry to agents.conf for them, and assign extensions for AgentLoginCallback I think. Then make a very basic queue (queues.conf) with the ringall strategy for them.

It also may be possible to dial an agent directly ie exten => 1234,1,Dial(agent/1234) but I’m not sure of that. That would definately be the simplest.