Hostname and realm

Hi there
I’ve recently found the wonders of Asterisk but am finding difficulty in understanding a thing or two.
In all the documentation, they give hostname examples like

Also, what is the realm for?


Are you trying to setup a phone and need to know what to put in as the server?

I mean for my Asterisk box I got at home.
What must I put for my Asterisk server hostname?

If you maintain your own DNS, give the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of your asterisk box.

My hunch is that you don’t run a DNS server for yourself. In that case, use the ip address of your asterisk machine.

In the examples that reference talking to your asterisk box from a remote location, you need to use an addressable ip or fqdn that points to the box from the internet. That’s why you see references, etc. in the docs.


If the system is behind a NAT, is just fowarding the following ports good enough:
5060 - TCP/UDP - SIP
5036 - UDP - IAX
4569 - UDP - IAX2
2727 - ?
RTP ports specified in rtp.conf

do you have a static ip from your isp?

Unfortunately not. I’ve got a dynamic IP with a DynDns account

ok - so use your hostname and then you have to forward TCP/UDP ports on your router to your private * server. Make sure you do both UDP and TCP where appropriate.