Hopefully Simple Questions re Asterisk Functionality


A client uses Trixbox 1.2 but they have various issues which I’m hoping someone can help me with.

These seem quite basic but I have struggled to find an answer.

  • How can you change the ring tones on zap phones for internal/external calls?

  • How do you retrieve a call when on hold? Is this dependent on the phone used? They use the Plantronics T10.

  • How do allow the use of * on SIP phones? For example, *8. Is this dependent on the make of SIP phone? They use the Linksys 2002.

  • How do you allow someone to make an announcement before transferring a call?

  • How do you increase time between key presses?

  • How do you allow PSTN to be used if an internet connection is down? We have the Trunk configured and this trunk set as a third option in the Outbound route but if the internet goes down they can’t make outgoing calls.

Thanks in advance, Rob

I dunno about trixbox but here are * answers.

  1. i dont use zap much but as i recall its Dial(Zap/3rn) ; replace rn with r1-5 or whatever
  2. yes its dependant on phone used. on a zap chan its not really ‘hold’, the phone just mutes the audio. sip chan gets put on MOH to the server. Either way its a phone specific thing so unless you’re using the SLA function of 1.4 you can only get it back from the phone that held it, and it depends on the phone.
  3. yes this is often dependant on the phone, as many phones trap * codes thinking you are trying to tell the phone something.
  4. announced transfer, also a phone function. although you can do it thru the server with the features.conf code.
  5. if you mean in the dialplan, maybe Set(TIMEOUT(response)=x) and/or Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=x). response timeout is how long it waits for you to dial something, which is ignored if autofallthrough is on. digittimeout is when you dial something, how long it waits to see if you will dial another digit. Note that if autofallthrough is on, if a caller hits the end of the dialplan they will be hung up on instead of held and waited for them to dial something. To fix this use waitexten(10) to give them anotehr 10 seconds.
  6. sorry, dunno how to prioritize trixbox trunks. but set it so that if the others are unavaialble it uses the PSTN

hope that helps