Hi All

I’m very new to asterisk and have managed to get asterixnow working and upgraded to asterisk 1.8.

I can do incoming calls and outgoing calls fine.

I’am using eventghost for my homecinema automation.

Here is what i’d like to do:

how can i have asterisk “trigger” events through http requests to my eventghost machine like this example for a dreambox:

but for any phone extension and any call “state” like, hangup, incoming call, accepted call, user busy ?

on top of that it would be cool if the triggered http request could include the number of the extension where the call state has been triggered ?

again… i’m very new to asterisk and i don’t understand the extensions.conf file to the letter yet… so any help or sample script or hints on how i could do this best would be very much appreciated.

thanks for your help guys

AMI (Chapter 10 of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony)