Hold call after hangup avoid Short call fee

I’m getting hit with some fees from my SIP provider because there was a significant amount of short calls.

Is there anyway to hold onto the channel going through the SIP provider to stay on past like 12seconds? The call is initiated either by a local SIP phone or a call file to a cell phone or landline. The provider suggested that holding the call for a few more seconds would be cheaper long run then getting hit with the fees. I guess they can’t just charge me the extra amount of time either.

If you ChannelRedirect the B side to dialplan that Bridges to the A side, you can probably transfer running in the pbx status to it, and allow it to continue after the end of the call. The G option of Dial may avoid the redirect.

However, you should be asking what are the commercial reasons for the short call charge. It is presumably there to discourage some sort of abuse.