Hint subscriptions freeze asterisk after 3 days

I’ve being having this problem for a while.
If remove the hints from dialplan asterisk works for months … but with hints it works for 3 days and freezes.
does not take a ‘core restart now’ or anything else just the quit command and I have to reboot the server.
it office only make a few calls per hour so I don’t thing it’s a load issue.

I’m using on Centos 5.5 with 4GB/dual core.

Any help ?

You need to apply deadlock debugging procedures. Make sure that asterisk is compiled with thread debugging and no-optimisation.

The next time it freezes, start another console session and run “core show locks”. Then take a backtrace according to the crash reporting procedures. You can do this by attaching gdb to the running process, or you can use gcore to take a crash dump snapshot, and analyse that.

Also look in the logs for warnings and errors.

These symptoms concur with a system we are working with.

It uses linksys962’s which required hints to get extension buttons on the sidecar working.

Perhaps we will take them off and try without the hints.

That’s exactly what we have - SPA942 and SPA962(with SPA932-sidecar).
But only the SPA962 are subscribing.
I was hopping for a quick solution… bump!!

There is no point in bumping unless you provide the detailed debugging information.