Hint on a Ring Group

Hello, I need to support a customer using Asterisk
The request is to create some hints for RingGroups (every RingGroup rings on a specified trunk). I set:
exten => RING_GROUP_1,hint,SIP/101&SIP/102&SIP/103&SIP/104
exten => RING_GROUP_2,hint,SIP/201&SIP/202&SIP/203&SIP/204
and so on…

But the LEDs on IP Phone turn red or start flashing as soon ONE of them is busy or ringing, and not when ALL are ringing (or busy) at the same time. Can I solve this?
Thank you

I suspect your usage is not supported. If it is, you would need a call limit of 1 and you would need the phone to indicate on busy, rather than in-use (I don’t know if SIP NOTIFY can make that distinction). Call limit has limitation when both incoming and outgoing calls can be made, and may frustrate SIP transfers.

you are right hint seems not to be supported for ring groups, but I am still looking.
Basically, the hint works with like an “OR” (e.g. hint is busy if 101 OR 102 OR 103… is busy), but I need a function like a “AND” (e.g. hint is busy or ring when 101 AND 102 AND 103 AND… are busy or ringing at the same time).
I will check for it again. Thank you