Hi gurus... Newbie here on this group... But I really need your help badly

I got this error on the logs… Hope you can give me an advice about this issue…

Thanks in advance.

What is the specific issue? It may be that the IAX2 port is under attack, for example, and receiving invalid data.

Do calls not work? Are you trying to do IAX2 peering with another Asterisk? Connecting over IAX2 to your provider?

Hi Sir Jcolp…

We have 10 asterisk servers in a different sites.
But it’s so weird that only one site cannot reach the extension of other servers. And other servers are reachable to each other’s.
Im peering them through IAX.
And it’s so weird when I made a ping command from other server going to problematic server, I got reply response but it has "(DUP!)

the deployment generating the dup notification - is it a physical machine or is it a VM ?

It’s a physical server.

(DUP!) as a response for a ping could mean that you have a lot of retransmitted packets.
Check to see if you get the same (DUP!) message when you ping that box from a different server.

If so, try rebooting the box, and check out your network switches.

Ive had a similar issue on a CentOS box, rebooting seemed to fix it. But it could be caused by a bad switch, or an attack.

No. DUP! to a ping means that you have more than one machine with the same IP address (or you are pinging a broadcat or multicast address. Pings are UDP or ICMP and are never retransmitted.

While ICMP and UDP should not be re-transmitted that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

I’ve seen weird switch issues in the real world and the first sign was DUP responses on a ping.

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