Helping in connecting and registering with Asterisk

Hi Guys,

I need some help in setting up asterisk. I have a Linux machine (knoppix 3.8) and installed asterisk on it. Asterisk I got it up and running with the demo files.

Then I proceeded to create a couple of accounts for my friends which they had been using when I was running Brekeke SIP and PBX. I turned the Brekeke system off and turned to Asterisk.

I setup no-ip (program to recognize my dynamic IP changes and assign it to I have port forwarding and my linux box on a DMZ.

I can connect from inside my router if I use 192.168.X.X but If I use I cant seem to connect from inside. My friends can connect from outside (some times, it is neve stable)… But when I do manage to have a friend connected and we establish the call we cant hear anything.

I have modified the extension.conf file to allow for exampel

exten => 1001/1001,1,Dia…

The sip file contains the realm and the port assigned.

Any ideas on what I might be missing.

Please help,