Help - Zap Incoming Connection DTMF receive Timeout


I am trying to find out how I can change the timeout for how long a zap channel will wait to receive all the DTMF signals to indicate the incoming dialed number. We have a TE411P connected to a Nitsuko 384i via a T1 and are using the T1 as a tie lines to connect the two systems. Everything works well enough, but when dialing an extension on the Asterisk server most of the time it will only receive two of the three digit extension. I have writing a rather ugly kludge in the extenstions.conf to go back and look for the third digit if only two are received but this is less than ideal and I believe it may be cause some call transfer issues from our switchboard.

I found a posting on VOIP-INFO.ORG where it says there is a three second hard coded timout in the source code. If I can change how long the Zap channel will wait for incoming digits after a connection has been started as per … n+Matching in theory I might be able to solve this problem. Although I must admit it looks like it is all happening in less than three seconds.

Anyone who could point me to the place in the code to make the change for a longer timeout or any other insight would be greatly appreciated.

Ted Ritchie