HELP! wth? Hangup after a Bridge event

Hi. I am one of the core developers of LinuxMCE, a free smart home platform.

I have taken it upon myself to try and maintain the Telecom portions of the system, which by default use Asterisk. We communicate with the remote management port, and use the data obtained from the various tokens to emit events to the rest of the system (ring, hang up, transfer, etc.)

Unfortunately, what I am seeing is a bit strange, when I CALL IN, I get a ring, of course, and when I pick up, I get the bridge event, and I immediately get a hang-up because the channels change, however my call still continues as if nothing happened, but because the system received this hangup event, it thinks that the call is finished so our UI is out of sync.

I have attached a pastebin of the data I am getting back from the remote management system, as well as our current dial plan, maybe somebody can point me in the right direction? <-- log from our asterisk device <-- output of Dialplan show.

We are currently using Asterisk 1.8.11.


You are seeing the result of a local channel being optimised out. You need to ask the author of the dialplan why it is using a local channel.

The actual dialplan is rather complex and looks like it may have come from a GUI. In that case, you need to get support from the people who wrote the GUI.

You can use the n option on the local channel to inhibit the optimisation, but there are good reasons why this is not the default.

Thanks for the answer, I actually need some help to try and untangle this, as we originally used AMP as the initial skeleton for our dialplan, so your observation is correct.


p.s. are there good reading materials that I can use, say for example that I am doing a brand new dial plan from scratch, that needs to be incredibly complex?

(I say this, because we have a lot of very special features, like routing calls depending on house mode, priority callers, whether a home resident is in a certain room or not (we tie into our presence detection etc)…