[HELP] @work: easy to install, easy to use Asterisk Install?


I have posted this post elsewhere, but I guess this forum is more appropriate for this kind of questions…

I have a situation at work that I would like to solve with Asterisk. I just don’t know if it is possible.

The last week I have been searching these forums, and the Asterisk documentation but I am still not sure if my situation can be solved. It seems like a pretty common case though so I guess it should be possible.

The current situation:

[ul]Our office is located in Sweden
In my office we have 5 people, everyone with their own workstation
We have a mixed variety of operating systems: linux, win and mac os
there are two incoming analogue telephone lines from a PSTN
one 4Mbit downstream / 2Mbit upstream Internet connection
The office LAN infrastructure consists of a 54Mbps WLAN only
We have a server suitable for hosting the Asterisk server, but no phone specific hardware for the job[/ul]

The desired situation:

[ul]We would like to give all staff members the possibility to answer any incoming phone call
The staff member should be able to forward a call to another staff member
We would also like to give our customers direct access to a staff member, using some kind of menu
Voicemail for all or specific staff members
Possibility to route incoming calls to a cellphone during weekends, vacation etc for all or specific staff members
We would like to be able to route outgoing calls through Skype, Analogue lines or VoIP
It would be nice id documents could be sent as fax diretcly from the workstation for everyone in the staff[/ul]


I would basically like to know if my situation can be solved. If so, what kind of hardware will be needed? What will we have to equip the staff members with to make sure they can recieve and make phone calls through digital (IP) as well as analogue telephone?

Thanks in advance for any comments. I hope the Asterisk community will be the answer on our cry for help :laughing:

if anyone has just anything to add, please - don’t hesitate. anything that could get me in the right direction will be appreciated