Help with mailbox password

We have an extension that we setup with a recording for directions etc. We are moving and need to change the message. When I go to Comedian Mail and put in the extension it wants a password. I dont have a password. I went to /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf but dont see it listed there either.

Any idea where to look?


I am guessing that it is /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, I am sure you have a record extension setup which asks for the password first.

In the Extensions.conf folder I see the following:

; job hotline
exten => 501,1,Noop
exten => 501,n,Goto(job-hotline!s!1)

Is this any further help?

and what does the context job-hotline have in it?

! should be |


Here is the job-hotline

exten =>s,1,NOOP
exten => s,n,playback(job-hotline-message)
exten => s,n,macro(goodbye)

I guess I need to find where the playback(job-holine-message) lives?