Help with hw configuration

can you help me with hardware configuration? I have 10 simultaneous calls, 15 extensions, 5 isdn bri. Which motherboard and cpu should i buy? if possible, the motherboard must have 2 network cards (one for phones and one for the internal network).

The normal reply to such questions is that you have to do your own benchmark, as it depends on a lot more variables than you have mentioned (some of which can have an order of magnitude or more, impact. However, in this case the VoIP side of it is unlikely to stress a cast off machine, even if you do complex things.

You should ask the ISDN card vendor about the ISDN side.

Note you didn’t say you were using SIP for the local devices, but that seems the most likely interpretation of waning an ethernet interface for the phones.

Now the phones are isdn but we plan to change them to ip phones. The protocols we intend to use are sip / pjsip and iax2. The trunk will be sip. What other data do you need?

codecs; transcodings; direct media, use of conferences; use of recording; use of voicemail, etc.

However, the basic answer is that you need to run benchmarks, except that I think that your system is so small that ti will be difficult to find hardware that won’t support it.

codec: alaw and ulaw
conference room: 1 (audio)
video calls: Not for now
Intercom: yes
call recording: yes (not for all calls)
voicemail: yes for all extensions
IVR: 1
Night/Day: yes
DISA: yes
n.Fax: 2

I found this motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-H110-D3A LGA1151 H110 with Intel Pentium G4400 3‎.30GHz

Which benchmark should i use?

You need to create your own benchmark, based on how you are going to use Asterisk.

However, again, my gut feeling is that your system is not large enough to put any stress on even a last generation PC. However, my background is product development, and it was the marketing people that considered sizing issues.

I’ll try to use Sipp tool… if I understand how it works :smiley:

10 simultaneous calls, even with a bit of transcoding will not stress a Raspberry Pi3b.

Paraphrasing david551, any old (within 5 to 10 years) computer should be quite capable. ISDN card compatibility will be your main constraint.

Most telephony projects don’t use a ton of resources. 10 years ago, I wrote a system for a client. The client asked if a $6,000 HP box would be a good choice. I found an old server on Ebay for $150. He expressed concern because it was a few years old but I explained it was less than the sales tax on the box he suggested and if it died, it was less than the cost of a good steak dinner.

We retired the box last year. It was still going strong, but a US$10 / month Linode was a lot cheaper than US$200 / month co-location fees.

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