Help with dialplan.xml

anyone know how i can get my cisco 7960’s dialplan.xml to dial users mailboxes immediatly? i.e. *97 dials the mailbox. but theres a timeout that takes a while before it gets sent unless they press #…

In your sipdefault go to …

Setting for Message speeddial to UOne box

messages_uri: “*97”

…and make sure it looks exactly as above.

In your dialplan.xml go to…

…and reduce the timeout to whatever you want, 5 seconds (as above) seem to be just fine because when users are dialing they sometimes pause to read the digits they are dialing from a piece of paper or other source and if it times out too soon it will dial an incomplete number which is neither normal nor is it good = more calls to you for a sucky/erratic phone behavior.

im using chan_sccp. sorry i should have said that. is there a way to make it dial the mailbox instantly with out waiting for 5 seconds?

That’s why we always say to give as much info on your setup as possible. Well, you will have to use the mailbox button to do that, when pushed it dials the mailbox same second. But when you dial with the number buttons they all obey the same timeout rule. Perhaps they can help you further at cisco forum: … 3D.ee8f891

if i lift the handset and press the mailbox button it waits until the dialplan.xml timeout before dialing. if i press the mailbox button from speaker phone, it dials instantly… any ideas?

There’s no need to lift the handset to dial with the mailbox button. Just press the mailbox button without lifting the handset and without pressing speakerphone and it dials directly same second.

ya but some users dont wanta access it over the speaker. and/or to dumb to not pickup the handset first and they think the phone is broken cuz it doesn’t dial voicemail instantly.

That will have to be dealt with during their training. Or when they call you about it just explain the details to them that they can dial without picking up the handset or speakerphone. Perhaps the major/core cisco experts at the above cisco forum link can suggest a different way to approach this issue.