Help with configuration TEL URI incoming call

I need help with configuration TEL URI incoming call on Synology:
Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1
Info about configuration:
Incoming - SIP IP
Incoming - RTP IP
Codec - G.723.1,G.729,G.711
CLIR - Sip privacy RFC3325
Numbering range E164 CPA - xxxxxx100-xxxxxx399, xxxxxx500-xxxxxx599
Limitations - no
B number format - International
Concurrent session - 30
Calls per seconds - 5
Fax support - no

I need redirect incomin TEL URI calls from one or pool number to one or some number on many trunks. I never configure asterisk, and I don’t know asterisk gui.
I can paid for help.
Thank you in advance for, and sorry for my english :smile:.

See viewtopic.php?f=1&t=94796

David, thank’s for your response.
okay , my old GUI is dead project, but allows me to change configuration files of asterisk - yes?.
I thought so I can set up astrerisk via file, is it true?

Thank you in advance for answer.

WIth a GUI, a large part of the configuration files are parts of the GUI. The custom parts can only be interpreted in the context of the rest of that code.