Help with asterisk prompts

I need to modify asterisk to read numbers that match the right to left reading, for example when you check your voice mail the sound is “you have twenty two messages” but in arabic it read something like “you have two twenty messages” it is just the way it works. i’ve been reading about the asterisk apps and don’t know exactly how to modify this, at the CLI i see VoicemailMain saying these numbers in specific order. i really appreciate if someone could help me to get it modified with some instructions or link to it. if it is a c programming please let me know how to start.
Thank you in advance[/b]

Have a look at say.c in Asterisk’s source code. It already contains a lot of other locales that need special handling.
Should be pretty easy to adopt that to your needs.

thank you for your reply but i couldn’t find say.c in asterisk, i really appreciate it if you can tell me where to find it and if i modify it do i need to compile the file again or just save it after modification.

did you ever do some programming? if not you might better ask someone who already has some C-experience to do it for you.

say.c is in the source directory of Asterisk. The thing you get when you unpack … ta2.tar.gz

and of course if you modify the source code of an application written in C you have to recompile, relink and reinstall the application.