Help with a two way communication using G729

Hello, I’ve got issue with a two way communication using the G729 codec (both ends are using G729 codec). I would like to force decode and encode but i don’t know how to do it.

I don’t think we really provide the ability to do this as an option or anything, as it’s counter to what people would actually want.

What issue are you actually having?

i would like to force the encode and decode so that our noise filter is used.

In a G729 - G722 communication it works perfectly fine but in a G729 - G279 there’s no noise filter because it doesn’t need to encode and decode.

As I said in your other thread, Trying to use an noise filter on calls , which really is the same overall issue, noise filtering needs to be done before a high compression codec is ever used, so is unlikely to work well, even if you force a translation out of G.729.

Also, you said you are trying to eliminate ambient noise. That is not very precise, but no noise filter is likely to work well with other people speaking. Trying to do that is a major investment area in the hearing aid industry; I doubt that an open source codec implementation (speex) has done what the hearing aid industry struggles to do well. Subjective noise reduction algorithms generally work best on white noise.

The noise cancelling filter that my tutor developped and implemented for G729 works fine when a call G729 to G722 is done.
My issue is for a call G729 to G729 there no more noise filter. We supposed it’s because it doesn’t need to decode and encode from G729 to G729.

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