[help] warnings that I dont understand

by starting asterisk I received such warnings:

  1. res_config_mysql.c:450 load_module: MySQL RealTime: Could not establish connection . Check debug
    (my question: where are the debug files?)

2.config.c:499 process_text_line:parse error: No category context for line 14 of cdr_mysql.conf
(my question: I have checked cdr_mysql.conf, the line 14 is the hostname line, and because I set mysql server on the same maschine ,so I let hostname = localhost, where is the problem?)

any one can help me?

  1. debug files are in /var/log/asterisk. check your res_mysql.conf file to ensure your database parameters are correct for realtime. if you’re not using realtime, my guess is that you can ignore this error…i’m not sure of how you completely disable realtime.

  2. make sure you have a context above the hostname.

my file looks like this:


my guess is you need to add the [global] context.

I found there is no res_mysql.conf in /etc/asterisk, so I copied one to there, and the problem is gone. One thing that I m not clear is that if the
res_mysql.conf is relevant to record the cdr file in mysql?

to second question, I found I made a stupid mistake, it is just like you said, there is a ; before the context.