[HELP] VP Open Connect and Asterisk@Home v1.5

(My apologies if you’ve read this on other forums … I don’t really know how much overlap there is between here, the AAH forum, and the Voxilla VoicePulse forum.)

I am having a lot of problems getting VP Open Connect to work with Asterisk@Home v1.5 and would appreciate any advice.

AMD Athlon 2100 (or similar)
60 HD
AAH v1.5
Grandstream GXP-2000

Comcast HSI
Linksys WRT54G w/ Sveasoft “Alchemy” Firmware
NATed to a single IP address

VP for Broadband (primary phone for last year) via Sipura SPA-2000
FWD (for testing Asterisk)
VP Open Connect (for testing Asterisk)

NOTE: The SPA-2000 is a completely separate installation from the Asterisk machine, except that they both use the same internet connection.

Trunks are set up for FWD and VPOC. I can dial from my phone and the system will pick the right trunk based on the number (eg, 393613 goes to FWD trunk while 18005551212 goes to VPOC trunk). There are no problems calling FWD numbers.

Using the example configurations from the AAH handbook and VP knowledge base, I cannot dial or receive any calls via VPOC. Calling my number results in silence and no network traffic to my Asterisk box, while dialing results in a “No authority found” message.

If I mess around with the configs and use “access1.voicepulse.com” (the hostname listed in my VP “Account Settings”) instead of “gwiaxt01.voicepulse.com”, the connection appears to go through (I get a “Called(USERNAME:PASSWORD@access1.voicepulse.com:5060/1NXXNXXXXXX)” message), but will timeout after about 10-15 seconds of silence.

Does anyone have a successful AAH/VPOC configuration that would be willing to help?


  • Tony