[HELP] VoIP Network test

I was wondering if there is any software out there that’s designed for testing a network for VoIP. I’m looking for something that will measure packet loss, latency/jitter and potentially throughput.

I was actually thinking of interconnecting two Asterisk machines (between the asterisk@home box on a T1 and the potential client’s connection) with one of them placing a call then being put on hold, listening to the on-hold-music. The problem with this is there would be no sort of reporting from which to examine the quality of the connection.

This point of this is to hopefully be able to tell whether or not a client will be able to use our VoIP to a satisfactory level or not. The client will be ranging from a full blown 12 seat Adtran to a single seated ATA.

I greatly appreciate any replies and information that helps me on this case.

If you do a ping test it will give you most of the onfo you need, Plus you can do the echo test from the *server, to hear latency.

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