[HELP] VERY loud tones on eyebeam / USB headset / asterisk

Hi, I’ve tried posting to support.xten.net regarding this issue but their support people feel this should be corrected either in asterisk or with our PSTN supplier.

When volume is adjusted to a proper level for conversation on USB headset with softphone (Eyebeam audio-only build 3007n), SIP connection to asterisk Xorocom (1.0.9), the tones are extremely loud, to the point you need to pull the headset away from your ears. When I dial out a call using an analog $10 from wal-mart, I can hear properly and pressing tones are at the right volume.

We have one TDM400P card with one FXO and one FXS chip. We have PSTN service supplied by SBC. We had a tech come out to our site to test the line and he reported no errors with our phone connection, and said all levels were proper.

What are my options? Xten says the problem isn’t with Eyebeam, that I should either look to my phone company or asterisk. SBC says the levels are fine. So that leaves asterisk. The only relevant information I could find was on voip-info:

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … adjustment

But I don’t have echo issues, so I don’t believe this post applies to me.

Any suggestions on where to look next? Could the problem still be with the SIP softphone / USB headset combination? Anything else I can test to isolate why the tones are so blinkin loud? I can post sip.conf and other configs if required. Thanks in advance,