[HELP]: TDM400P choppy sound on FXS side when bridged to SIP


When we talk FXS to SIP (and vice versa), the FXS side has choppy audio.
The TDM400P card is not sharing IRQs.
TDM to TDM are perfect.
SIP to SIP are perfect.

I even tried to monitor a call (with the choppy sound) and the wav produced is good although the phone connected to the monitored FXS produced choppy sound at the same time.

I tried disabling echocancel and echocancelwhenbridged without success.

asterisk is 1.2.19
kernel is 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL

Any ideas?


Hi Costa,

We are having the same problem, did you solve this issue?

Greetings, Cindy