[help] SMS with bristuff and a Junghanns duo GSM PCI card

Hi all,

I have the bristuff version of Asterisk up and running with a Junghanns “duo GSM PCI” card. (Well, more or less…I still haven’t taught it to play nice with my TDM400P, so I can only load one of the cards at a time…but that’s neither here nor there.)

Anyway, GSM voice works great, but I’m looking for a way to send and receive SMs via the same card. In fact, I would be okay using kannel or alamin or some other linux SMS gateway application, if I knew how to talk to the Junghanns outside of Asterisk. (I assume this would require a different driver…with some kind of serial-device emulation?)

At the moment, my Asterisk console will tell me when the channel receives an SM, but it all it does is say…

"SMS received on span 1. PDU: "

…and I’m hoping I don’t have to go hack the GSM_EVENT_SM_RECEIVED case of the handle_gsm_event() method of the chan_zap.c patch. gulp

As for sending messages…I haven’t the foggiest notion where to begin. I think I have a fairly good sense of how app_sms works, but it’s all about using the PSTN to talk to an SMSC middleman, right? Does it have a hidden feature for cutting out the SMSC middleman? Does smsq have a hidden feature for cutting out the app_sms middleman? Can I convince either of them that I am the middleman…?


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So I now see how to use Asterisk to send via the Junghanns GSM card, but I’m still not sure how to capture SMs in a useful way. It would be nice to at least dump messages (even as PDU strings) into a log somewhere.

I’m pretty new to Asterisk, so I’m not sure if this is currently possible through some kind of…I don’t know…custom verbosity level that logs messages from a given module. Or something…



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