[help]simple question about ISDN card

I have used soft phones to test the functionalities of asterisk, now I want to test the isdn phones, but I m not sure, if a normal one port ISDN card good enough to finish the test
some one can tell me?

Bad news. The answer is NO.
You want to emulate the Network side of an ISDN connection.

At the layer 1 (Physic) This requires to run your card in CO mode (emulating the NT1 S/T interface). The framing is not symetric (bit echo needs management) and potentialy provide the phantom power (40V) on the S bus to remote power your phones.

At the layer 2 you need to run the Q.921 (LAPD) master side (in charge of TEI allocation).

At layer 3 (Q.931 / EDDS-1 or NI-1 depending where you live) you need to run the CO side. As the layer 3 protocol is almost symetrical (still you need to send your Setup message in broadcast), that’s might be the easiest assuming you can crack the two previous layers.

Check at junghanns.net/en/quadBRI_produkt.html
This is the type of product that you need

I would expect that most standard cards cannot do that job.

You need to find a card really designed to connect ISDN phone.

If you find one working, list it here.