Help: Setup of VoIP Service Providing Company

Hi there,

I M quite new to the topic of Voip. But I m an entrepreneur and i want to setup a VoIP Providing Company. I have no knowledge in this field as i m only an app developer. Can U tell me that how i can setup it up. i do not want any partnership with any big company, i wud rather prefer to setup a datacentre. can U please help me?

Devansh Ghatak

Good luck :smile:

I always smile when I see such post. It’s nice to be an entrepreneur, but if you do not have very good knowledge in the subject, I would discurage you by starting yet another VoIP service provider :smile:.

But I you feel a special urge for this business, I would recommend you read up on Asterisk:

You have to realize that forum support by peers can go a limited way. In my opinion the limit is far lower than it takes to set up a one-man-band VoIP provider. So RTFM is the way to go :wink: