[HELP] Setting up Trunk

I have been trying to get my asterisk box to register with a Broadsoft server. Can some one show me how to setup the sip.conf file in order to get the system to register?

SIP Proxy: as.5280voip.com
Username: 303647XXXX
AuthUser: GGGG (sample only)
AuthPwd: HHHH (sample only)

After getting this to register I would like to get ASTCC to work. All i want is for a call coming into 303647XXXX to ask for Calling card information and pass the call to PSTN if approved by ASTCC. I have ASTCC installed and can access via web inteface, how do i config with Asterisk.

Any help would be GREATLY apprciated and possibily rewarded (paypal).

You should post the relevant parts of your sip.conf so we can see what you’ve tried already - and tell us what problem you’re having with it.