[help] res_perl error when starting


I have having a problem loadin the res_perl.so in *.

I am getting, and have seen ther error in 2 resport on a WEB search.

Yet after lookin All Day, I can’t find a posted reolution.

Anybody got it working ???
Huge THX for all help

P.S. This is with Asterisk 1.2.13 an the latest res_perl from FREE PBX
================ Error =============
Nov 12 20:53:22 WARNING[10857] loader.c: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/res_perl.so: undefined symbol: ast_bridge_callp
Nov 12 20:53:22 WARNING[10857] loader.c: Loading module res_perl.so failed!

what’s with the cross-posting ? was 6 minutes too long to wait for a reply ?

I don’t know what you are saying.

Do you have something helpfull to add to this thread ?

If so, I welcome any advice or direction you may have.

what i’m saying is that posting the same question to both the users and developers forums is considered rude. and it’s annoying.

If you say so.

It semed that that since they were two “different” forums they would have two “different” audiences and so would not be seen by end uses as “double” posting, but a “single” post to two totally different forums

Clearly you see it differently.

Now, after all of that …

Do you have any assistance or guidence you could add to this thread ?
I would be very much appreciate either since I have looked everwher on the WEB and found several reports of this problem but no solutions or ideas for resolution posted.