[help]registering asterisk as a sip client to a pstn gateway

hi all! i have two asterisk boxes and since i can’t still make my serbox work, im trying to make one of my asterisk boxes a sip server and the other one a pstn gateway. calling from my sip server to pstn gw is ok but calling from pstn to my sip server isn’t. i have this error displayed in my console:

chan_sip.c:10961 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:sipserver@sipserv.mybox.com’ failed for ‘’ - Username/auth mismatch

chan_sip.c:9680 handle_response_register: Got 404 not found on SIP register to service sipserver@sipserv.mybox.com, giving up.

sipserv.mybox.com is my sip server. what else do i have to configure aside from sip.conf? can anyone help me with this? :smile: thanks in advance!



done some changes and the console is showing this now:

chan_sip.c: 5356 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for 'sipserver@sipserv.mybox.com’ timed out, trying…

am i close enough? :-s

i found my mistake already! :smiley: