Help --> Reduce Noise

Hi There
I am using record_file() function in PHPAGI to record a call. I want to ask you that “How can we reduce the noise in the recorded message”. Does asterisk has an option to apply filters to reduce the noise in the message before recording. If yes, then how I can use this.

The solution to this probably depends on what the source of the noise is. Reducing noise is a complicated thing and you can’t just take “noise” out of an audio stream and leave the rest untouched. If the noise is being introduced by something that’s happening that’s within your control, the best way to reduce the noise in the recording is to deal with it at its source.

If the noise source is beyond your control, then your next best bet will probably be to clean up the recording using a sound editor or some other audio application that is capable of de-noising a recording. You would have to do this after the recording has been made. Whether it’s possible to do this or not depends on the nature of the noise.