[HELP] (re)Starting extension on hangup

Hi All
I’ll try to explain the problem by getting you through the scenario.

I’m using * for voice menu:
Client calls, browse through menu to the needed topic, and listens corresponding recording. One of the menu options is redirect to agent.

In that case Agent, talks to client & want to switch him back, but into some particular menu item.

Then Agent Flashes, Dials extension of voice menu, browses to some option and hangs up the phone (the menu is already running).

And here is the trick I can’t figure - is there any way to restart (or run another) extension when Agent hang’s up and leaves Client inside voice menu?


is this so that the caller doesn’t miss the start of the IVR message because of the time it takes the transfer to happen ?

do you have room in the IVR for another option ? i always program my IVRs with a 9 option to repeat, maybe you could add something like that, which the agent selects, that has a 5-second Wait() and then starts the menu again.

Thanx fo reply.

Yes that’s the problem

I’ve got that option (8 for me), but the problem is that Agent (he’s not a professional operator) is not reliable on that action therefore there is a strong possibility that Client will be confused which is not good for me …

And if there is no easy way to do some action on transfer end - is it possible at all ?

Thanx again :wink:.

if you can’t rely on your agents to do it right ???

i’ve not seen an option anywhere to create an on-transfer action. you could maybe look at the code for the transfer functions (pbx.c ??) to add this functionality in.

or perhaps provide a small loop in the IVR that waits for an input before continuing ?

[quote=“baconbuttie”]you can’t rely on your agents to do it right ???
Yope :smile:.

Thanx, maby I just should rethink my scenario while it is not late :smile: