Help qualify my needs


Although I don’t understand much of this (yet) I’m in hook, line and sinker. I’m really excited to see how I might use this for my businesses.

I’m hoping I can give a description of what I would like to do and someone might help steer me in the right direction as if this is possible.

OK. Here it goes…

We have 10 regional offices. At various times some of these offices are vacant. We’d like to be able to answer the phone as the regional office when there isn’t someone there and monitor the calls (not nessesarly record) for statistics, etc.

We also have vanity numbers that people will call into. We’d like to direct those to certain voice prompts which are silo’d from our main business prompts.

We have over time used call centers to handle call volume when it gets really high. We’d like to push the calls to them when this happens.

And we’d like the ability to integrate click to call on our website so that when a customer wants us to call them it prompts us to call out to them. This also would be directed to a call center at certain times.

I realize some of this will require custom coding. We’d love to find as many plugnplay solutions as possible.

The other concern is we have Comcast Business Cable. Is this sufficent or would we be better served by using a Dedicated Hosted Server such as RackSpace to make sure the QOS is high?

Thank you for your help.