Help ! PoE problems with Polycom and Linksys, HELP!

I’ve purchased a few policom 501s and a brand new Linksys SRW224P router with PoE. Now the manual says that these ports are automatic plug and play, however the phones are not powering on when I plug them in. So I need some advise on this if any of you have run into this before.

are you using “full” network cables ? all 8 pins connected. are they connecting directly to the switch or via premises wiring. if the latter, are these fully connected.

i only suggest this 'cos i’ve seen enough shoddy network wiring in my time to make it a possibility.

Try to get in touch with their technical support person or read their guidelines.

Polycom 501’s require a special PoE cable…


Are the 501s the only one that require this special cable? Cause I’ve got my Astra phones working fine on the switch but the polycoms just refuse to work.


For what ever reason Polycom requires the IP501 and IP301 to have a special PoE cable, the model number is below:

[i]Polycom 2200-11077-002 - 802.3af Power Over Ethernet - Cable for SoundPoint IP300 / IP500

PoE Cable Kit, 802.3af Compliant, for Polycom SoundPoint IP300 and IP500 Phones.

Polycom PoE[/i]

And you are correct the Aastra works great and there is nothing wrong with your linksys PoE switch. The phones just need a special adaptor