[Help] Outbound from IP to IP

Dear everyone,

I hope someone would advise me on this matter:

Basically i want to create a dialplan that is allow me to dial from my IP to another IP at another country, and from there on the call will go thru local line to call out. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

You should look at sip trunks between two asterisk boxes, that will perform the functionality you want.

SIP trunk is just a name that people put on a a particular way of using SIP to pass routing digits to a remote location. Whilst it is an easy construct to create in Asterisk, it is not something that Asterisk actually knows about . You can use similar constructs using many of the other technologies supported by Asterisk. E.g., before SIP you might have used dahdi and ISDN, and, if you expect to handle more than one erlang of traffic (more than one call at a time), IAX can allow you to use less bandwidth.

Asterisk imposes no restrictions on the remote breakout requested here, but again it doesn’t have any special knowledge of this.

Basically you use any channel technology that is capable of passing digits to the remote site, and at the remote site you handle it exactly like you would handle a local device with the caveat that you cannot authenticate it based on caller ID if you also want to pass the caller ID through.

Your source dialplan needs to recognize numbers subject to remote breakout and forward them in a similar way to that in which you would do the PSTN or an ITSP.

In fact, I think some smaller ITSPs use Asterisk, and all ITSPs are basically operating remote breakout configurations.

Hi Everyone thanks for replying, i am sorry i am kinda a newbie in this field, the actual purpose of this is to avoid the international rate. That is why i am wondering if there’s a way to dial from between two asterisk boxes located in different countries, while the call is being treated as “internal” call, and when the call reaches box B, it will able detect {EXTEN} from box A, and use it to dial thru local SIP trunk,etc…

there’s no need to consider about the call volume, but the call quality must be clear enough to listen to both parties.