[HELP] Odd txgain issue

Adjusting rxgain and txgain to get rid of echo and have an odd issue…

I called the milliwatt test line at the phone company switch and adjusted the rxgain to the proper level (14844 I think using ztmonitor). All seems good.

Call from second line to first line (first line has a milliwatt test extension) to adjust txgain and see rx level is low (5500 or so). Increase txgain and rx level does not increase. Increase txgain level even more and I can hear the milliwatt signal clipping so the level has increased but rx level doesn’t really increase, almost as though the phone line is being limited through the phone company switch at a lower level then I would expect.

Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?

Trustix V2.2/Digium TDM04B/Asterisk 1.0.9/Zaptel 1.2 beta (for fxotune)