Help Needed- What download is best for my needs?

I’m pretty new to the system and need some help on finding the right download for my needs.
I need a program that can conect to a trunk 800# line and could forward the incoming calls over my 50 phones, or be as an extension to each phone.
I hope this has been clear enough. Any information would be more then helpful.


Well not real clear but if your wanting to know what to download for asterisk use the latest stable version.

Asterisk Version 1.0.9
Zaptel Version
Libpri Version 1.0.9

Install help here


Maybe this will give you somemore information about what I need and maybe you can help me out.

Trunk line is rented from the telco & connects to asterix.
asterix is programmed with an extension # for each rep for inbound.
800# connects to the trunk line.
Each extension connects to a SIP phone on the desk of the REP.
The Trunk Line & Asterix server need to be in the US or Canada

Is it possible to route the outbound calls over a VOIP gateway?

Every piece of information will be appreciated.


Get the files I have listed above this is the latest stable version. Depends on trunk type as to what card you will need. Pri,Isdn,pots. You can forward all outbound calls to any interconnect you have be it the trunks you are talkin about or a voip provider.

I currently run asterisk in our office. I have a pri for inbound and outbound local calling all my Longdistance goes to a voip provider via IAX