[help needed] Realtime SIP trunk with register string woes

I’m having an irritating problem:

I have defined a realtime sip trunk. Normally, this works perfectly, however this trunk in question needs a register string. I have a ‘register’ field in the SQL database, but that doesn’t seem to get reckognised by asterisk.

So, I manually (and staticly) enter a register string in sip.conf:
language = en

register => :@

Now, I can dial only 1 time (this dial is succesful). After that, no dial over this trunk is possible until I do a “asterisk -rx ‘reload’”. Then I can again make only one (succesful) call.

The failed dial will be caused by circuit-busy / congestion errors.

EDIT: I forgot to ask a question here :laughing: , which would be: how can I prevent having to reload asterisk after each call?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!